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A matter of priority or budget?

We all have seen those internet memes about clients bargaining for cheaper service.


Or those hilarious wedding photography fails 

budget wedding.webp

Considering priorities and budgets for your wedding is crucial. It's not merely about the willingness to spend or the availability of funds; it's about investing in the aspects that truly matter.

If capturing timeless memories through stunning photos is a priority, then allocating a significant portion of your budget to a skilled photographer is essential.

First and foremost, it's essential to understand that there's no definitive right or wrong approach when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer. Each photographer operates differently, utilizing unique gear and dedicating varying amounts of time and effort to their craft.

How are you able to offer these prices?

A Streamline process. Time is money.
We have cut the 
points off approach to the basics.

A simple price structure and the right deliverables.

You know the cost, You do your math.

Wedding Package

Photo and/or Video

Hourly rate

  • 1 Crew member    $250 

  • 2 Crew members  $300

  • 3 Crew members  $400


  • All no edited images (jpg) at the end of the event

  • all RAW footage at the end of the event


  • 100 edited images $200

  • 400 edited images $400 

  • Highlights video $400

  • Full Documentary video $600

> 2 hours minimum per booking <

Per example:

You want 8 hours of 1 Photographer + 1 Videographer  in Hart House with 100 edited images and highlights video

2 Crew members x 8hrs = $2,400
100 images = $200
Highlights video = $400

Going from Gastown to Hart House works out to about 28 kilometres round trip = $28

Your total:


  • All no edited images (jpg) at the end of the event

  • all RAW footage at the end of the event

  • 100 edited images

  • Highlights video


How you calculate travel Fees?

We are located in Gastown, so anywhere in DT area is free. Leaving from DT is $1 per KM


Can I see the whole gallery from the day?

Absolutely click below

Ultimately, the greatest value you receive from investing in a professional photographer is the ability to preserve the cherished memories of your wedding day. To put it into perspective, consider this simple equation:

Imagine spending $3000 on your photographer at age 30, and enjoying a blissful life together until age 80.

$3000 divided by 50 years equals $60 per year, or a mere 16 cents a day, to relive the vivid memories of your wedding day throughout your lifetime. It's an investment that pays dividends in cherished moments and lasting memories.

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